Ubuntu and Kubuntu Switching From Windows Guide


A user guide on switching from Windows to Ubuntu.


While most tech-savvy users can figure-out how to migrate from Windows to Ubuntu by themselves, users who are less technically minded would likely benefit from a clear set of instructions on how to handle switching to Ubuntu.

This guide aims to help users switch from Windows as easily and painlessly as possible.

Use cases

  • Albert would like to use Ubuntu instead of Windows, but doesn't have the technical knowledge to make the switch by himself.
  • Paul has never installed an operating system before, but would like to install Ubuntu on his mum's old computer.
  • Enrico would like to dual-boot Windows and Ubuntu, as he has some legacy Windows applications preventing him from switching fully. But Enrico is worried that he won't be able to partition his hard drive properly.
  • Wolfgang has a lot of data on his Windows system, and doesn't know where to begin transferring it onto his new Kubuntu computer.


  • Ubuntu and Kubuntu
  • Users familiar with Windows
  • Benefits of switching
  • Migration of data from XP/Vista to Dapper/Edgy system
  • Installation
  • Alternative applications
  • Selected complex migration cases:
    • Ubuntu in a Windows domain
    • Dual-booting


The current structure we have for the document is as follows:

Main Guide

1. Introduction
2. Reasons to switch
3. Preparing to switch
4. Installing Ubuntu
5. Applications
6. Importing data from Windows


A. Windows networking
B. Dual-booting with Windows


DocBook, multiple XML files.


A current version of the document can be found in the DocTeam SVN repository.


  • Copyright issue when taking screenshots of Windows shouldn't be a problem (hopefully).
    • Only thing I found was located on the Microsoft Copyrighted Content page. Everything looks OK, except for one line under "Screen Shots": -- nixternal

      • "3. You may not use the screen shot in a comparative advertisement" I know we won't be comparing, so I don't think it is an issue, however they may thing so. -- nixternal

    • It also says things like "You may not use portions of the screen shots" but I'm pretty sure screenshots used for reference are fair use; however, IANAL. --MattFlaschen

  • Recommended backup software for Windows
  • Windows 98/Me support ended recently. Should we support 98/Me migrations as well as XP (if possible)?

Unresolved issues

  • Testing
  • Localisation

BoF agenda and discussion

None so far.




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