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I was born in Rasht on 1st. of July, 1982. My hometown is Rasht, the center of Guilan province in Iran.


  • Graduated from NODET (National organization of development of exceptional talents) High school in Rasht.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical engineering from Guilan University


I've been an Amateur astronomer since 1997, interested in observing deep sky objects and computational astronomy. I'm a member of Roja Society of Astronomy.

I enjoy reading and editing articles on Wikipedia. I've contributed some articles to Persian Wikipedia. Most of them are science and astronomy-related articles.


I'm interested in translating scientific applications to my native language Persian. My translations on launchpad. The one I recommend is Stellarium Persian translation!

Open source and free software advocacy

I've been an advocate of GNU/Linux and free software in my hometown and anywhere else I was since 2003.

Accompanied by some friends including AzadeSanjari, we formed the Schoolinux Team and its club in Rasht and launched it with the first Linux and free software workshop in Rasht on April 2004.

More than 40 students from three high schools attended that single-day workshop became familiar with Linux OS and Free and Open source software.

The second workshop held on August 2004 was a triple session, each one had a topic. 70 teachers and students from Guilan Schoolnet members took part in those workshops. The topics were:

  • Introduction to Free and Open source software
  • Linux Install session
  • Linux desktop and commands introduction

Photos Are available here.

The third one was a seminar presented by me and AzadeSanjari in annual Iranian Schoolnet conference 2004 in Isfahan. Schoolinux was also having a booth in the conference fair and handing out Linux manuals and Shabdix Live disk (Knoppix based Persian distribution). Photos Are available here.

Schoolinux is now running in iEARN and is aimed to be a Free and Open source software advocate there.

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