Full Name: Sakse Emil Dalum

Gender: Male

Birth Date: 01/03-1991

Nationality: Danish

Location: 3370 Melby, Denmark







Mage Arena (a game written in Python).

Yogger (a simple content management system written in PHP).

CollabArt (a project to develop/create a free platform for free cultural works).

Member of the Ubuntu Danmark 'Forening'.

Started the Ubuntu-DK Podcast (although it's still in the planning-stage).

Member of the Ubuntu-DK website team (coding, concept, etc.).

Active participation in the Ubuntu Danmark meetings.

Various stuff for the gNewSense project.


I run gNewSense and am in the "free software/free society"-wing of the debate on free software, art/culture and things of legal concerns, but I do not wish for that to segregate me or people like me from the Ubuntu community. I'd much rather develop cooperation between the two communities (gNewSense and Ubuntu), and work towards the goals we have in common, which is (I hope) to promote the use of free software, and at the least, eliminate the monopoly that Microsoft is desperately trying to preserve and not focus on the things that I disagree on. Thus I am participating in the Danish Ubuntu community on the basis that it is by far the most active, but also the one that attracts the most users, and I consider it to be far more healthy for free software, to cooperate with those who at least have an idea that free software is the only right thing, from a moral point of view.

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