Me? i'm a geek.

My past (Ghost?)

I've been toying with Linux since something like -96, i came to know it through a friend. Since then i've been involved with the scene. Sometimes more active, sometimes less. After being a regular user for some time, i applied for a developer account for the debian project. I worked with few packages, nothing really fancy. But that was a long time ago. Since then i've done linux server maintenance, windows server maintenance and what ever spare time i have had has mostly been spent with linux and various projects.

My Present (Ghost?)

With my work hat on i maintain Windows and Linux servers and on my spare time i love to explore different projects and try out new things. I've grown to be somewhat of a critic towards various user interfaces and i've learned to see with the eyes of an end user. Odd enough, i've learned not to be a geek.

My future (Ghost?)

In the future i expect to get more involved with linux related development. I've gotten my life straightened out once again, so i have more time to work on stuff.

Ah well, this is starting to sound more and more like a resume. Maybe i should quit now.

Laptop Testing Team

As for the laptop testing, I'm able to do some limited testing on various Dell Latitude models. The access to these laptops is not guaranteed at all times and not all models are at hand at all times. I'm able to do more consistent testing on my spare time, but i don't have access to the laptops. But that is life. Wink ;)


You can contact me with email or jabber from ressu(a)


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