About Me

My full name is José Manuel Santamaría Lema, I'm a KDE Developer and I worked for various GNU/Linux distributions in the latest few years. So far I have been working as a volunteer. You can find more information here: https://community.kde.org/User:Santa

Contact Information


  • Helped with KDE packaging sending patches.
  • Helped with the GCC 5 transition in the scope of KDE packaging (note that GCC 5 broke the standard C++ library ABI making this transition a lot harder than any other GCC trantision I remember in my whole experience as KDE packager).
  • Helped with the GCC 6 transition sending patches to make our Frameworks/Plasma/Applications build with GCC 6.
  • Proposed a new Kubuntu Automation design and started to implement it, right now we already used this tooling to upload KDE Frameworks 5.26, Plasma 5.7.5 and Applications 16.04.3 to Yakkety. We also used it as well to upload our packages to the staging PPA's.
  • Helped to get more recent versions of KDE Software for Yakkety, fixing build failures, failing autopkgtests, packaging issues pointed out by the Release Team and negotiating with the Release Team the mentioned fixes in order to get our packages accepted by them.
  • Started to work on an improved workflow and tooling to try to get the merges with Debian done in the future.
  • Helped other team members to understand and using the new Kubuntu Automation tooling and workflows.
  • I'm maintaining a server in my university which has a "ppa simulation" (codenamed tritemio). Right now, it's as bit like the Area 51 of Kubuntu, I used it to test in advance experimental stuff, such as new Kubuntu Automation changes, test rebuilds to detect issues in our packaging, gcc transitions, failing autopkgtests...
  • I'm trying to start to be more keen on using our trello, so other team members are more aware of what I'm working on.

Future Goals

  • Continue the maintenance and implementation of new features for Kubuntu Automation.
  • Get more familiar with our KCI.
  • Make the Release Team aware of our workflow improvements so they would know our future interactions with the Release Team would be more fluent than what happened before the Yakkety Release.
  • Apply for Kubuntu Developer and get permissions to upload new versions of KDE Frameworks/Plasma/Apps.
  • Try to improve what is, in my opinion, a key area to make Kubuntu great again: the speed providing new KDE Sofware to our users.
  • Try to improve the way we deal with Qt packaging and its packagers.
  • Try to share some work with KDE Neon


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I'm delighted that Santa is applying for membership, and support his application. He's been both interested in and helpful to the team for a long time, with some gaps in his involvement. Lately I see him engaging more with the other members, which is so important. We really do work as a team, and social as well as technical skill is required to make Kubuntu the "friendly computing" choice. I look forward to seeing Santa become a trusted and important part of our team, and eventually a Kubuntu Developer as well. -- valorie-zimmerman 2016-09-13 23:41:27

José is a very bright, intelligent and capable contributor. I am aware he has made significant contributions to Kubuntu, not just the recent rush to get packages into Yakkety, but spanning back many years. I looking forward to working along side him in the future and will undoubtedly learn new skills and techniques from him, but most importantly try to provide tools and documentation so that we can pass this knowledge on to people who want to start contributing. As the old saying goes "many hands make light work".

I'm glad he has finally decided to apply for membership. -- clivejo 2016-10-28 20:53:50

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