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Mainly I am a (K)Ubuntu advocate. Im 21 Yrs old, I live in Venezuela I've been arround with linux for about 3 years (or so)... and using Ubuntu since Breezy... and switched to Kubuntu since Dapper Drake... Since then... I've been a loyal Kubuntu User, i am a very active member of the Ubuntu-ve LoCo team and actually i am one of the website admins, and OP on the irc channel

I am a programmer with some knowledge in PHP, Python languages, and basic on few others (Ruby and Gambas for example), also I am the DBA in Rotator Software as well as the System Administrator.


Basic Information


Santiago Zarate


Caracas, Venezuela



Open GPG Key:





santiago-ve, foursixnine and santiago-pgsql @ freenode



Mobile Phone


Why Ubuntu

Because I love to share my knowledge, and i also like to learn new stuff, that's why i feel so identified with the ubuntu comunity, Just because of the people that uses it... the people that help making it better, making it in their native language... its just great, thousands of people helping with the same goal, i cant' say other words about it... I even try to follow the Ubuntu Code of Conduct on a daily basis...

To me ubuntu its not only software, but a way to be. Ubuntu is a word that means Humanity to Others, and i sometimes think that this is what others need... Humanity...

I've been saying from quite a while, that the philosophy behind Ubuntu its one of its greatest and strongest points... because our community its based on collaboration without any kind of interest.


This is a list of what i've done in Venezuela, related to the Ubuntu project

  • Given talks at some places
  • Taken part on the FLISOL 2007 @ caracas (April 28), with RolandoBlanco and DaniloJaime and other ubunteros, where many people came to know about Ubuntu.(Which was our FeistCita

  • Taken part on the FLISOL 2008 @ caracas (April 28th) with the ubuntu-ve caracas team, where we installed ubuntu in about 60 computers (lots of laptops and few desktops) there are pictures here and here (I many of us didnt had time to take our own pictures)

  • Given a installation workshop at Flisol 2008 @ paraguana (I was in first place going here, but because of some problems with the local... it had to be moved 1 week after the date it was supposed to be, giving me the chance to be at both events) this time i had time to take pictures

  • Helped the Ubuntu-ve Stand on the CNSL3 At caracas
  • I attended to the CNSL 4 along with some members of Ubuntu-ve, carrying our banner

  • A Small migration processes:
    • in the Company i Work, we picked up ubuntu for both, development and production stages, and we're using actually Kubuntu (hardy, gutsy) for the developers, Ubuntu Server 8.04 (4 servers), and Ubuntu for the non tech pepople (Bosses, assistants, requirement analysts, Quality Asurance Analysts and some of the Administration departament.
  • Close to where i live, i've spoken and showed many of my neighbors about the benefits of using FOSS, teaching them how to use it, and how to squeeze the juice out of (K)Ubuntu for their daily work/tasks.
  • I've always been pro-ubuntu, even in the games i play. you can take a look at Tibia Forums in here i've done two posts... the most interesting is on the page #2. here is an extract:

  > also linux is for those who know what there doing
  > with a computer. "mostly used for programing and
  > such"

  Well may be you havent had the chance to ever get close to a box running linux... do you know how does it looks?... i invite you, go to google and type:

  *- ubuntu beryl screenshot
  *- linux ubuntu gamming
  *- linux ubuntu live cd install
  *- linux ubuntu end user
  *- linux ubuntu desktop

  and any other stuff you would want to do on windows... (without even getting closer to having to know about programming)...


  • Getting to be one of the Kubuntu Developers and (K)Ubuntu Member
  • Contribute To the Ubuntu Comunity and the Ubuntu Distro
  • Get the Ubuntu-ve's regional teams running to provide even more organization and key points for new ubuntu users, so they can get in touch with people close to them easily.

  • Spreading Kubuntu among HighSchools, including those which are not meant to be for "tech guys". People tends to think that Linux its hard, but in fact, Ubuntu is making an old idea. And we have to break that wall, that says "Linux its for Techies/geeks/nerds..."

  • Contribute to the PostgreSQL project as a developer
  • Get pl/php inside the Ubuntu repos

  • Get Rotator Software (Where i Work) to be an UbuntuPartner

  • Help to organize Ubuntu-ve's second anniversary in Caracas with the help of many ubunteros around like RolandoBlanco, Nelson Delgado, NeloRTovar, Cesar Martinez

What i am Actually doing

  • Being an Active member of the [VenezuelaTeam Ubuntu-ve], taking most activity in the IRC, forums and some events.

  • Actually leading ubuntu-ve's caracas group (Choosen by public votation)
  • I am taking part on the PostgreSQL Certification Project

  • I am the main programmer of the Rombo Transformation Server, and leading the Rombo Colaboration Comunity, on the ROMBO project a BSD licenced Olap application, we use ubuntu for the server and the same for the client

  • Being an PostgreSQL advocate, but found the way to mix it with Ubuntu, i'm founding a PUG (PostgreSQl user group) called grupove, and our code of conduct, its the Ubuntu's code of conduct modified.

  • Been proposing the idea to create a Tecnnology Laboratory in the community i live, not only to speak about software but electronics and so on (Open Hardware). So far i've got the interest of some entities, meanwhile in the project, Ubuntu is involved as it is not only software libre but it is also a way of thinking (For me), and in some kind of form, its a way to show people that they shouln't be afraid of using linux... it doesn't bite. I've proposed Ubuntu to be the Operative System we should use, specially the Edubuntu branch, for the courses we have planned to offer (For free).

Comments from Ubunteros

* Santiago is a very active member: he is moderator of Venezuelan Team forum and op of the #ubuntu-ve channel. He has participated in several events difunding Ubuntu in many states of Venezuela.-- NeloRTovar 27/05/2008.

* Santiago is a nice guy who is ready for help anybody in the #ubuntu-ve channel, also he is always participating in events promoting and talking about (K)Ubuntu. -- David Hernandez -- 27/05/2008

*Santiago is an very active member of our Ubuntu LoCo team, participating and colaboring in every event talking and promoting ubuntu and free software filosofy. [Javier Valdivé - g3o -] -- 28/05/2008

*Santiago is an excellent member of the Ubuntu community in Venezuela, since I login in the community have received help, support and lots of collaboration, with no further interest and promote awareness and to support, thus being a partner among many in this community ubuntu -ve. - David Emerling Rondón -- 16/10/2009

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