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My name is Robert Hooker, I'm 31 years old, married, live in Woodbridge, Virginia (USA) and I have been using ubuntu off and on since 6.06. I first started using ubuntu as my primary desktop OS with jaunty in november 2008 (prior to that I just messed around with it), but I have been using the server variants for a long while before because I prefer debian packaging and the more up-to-date packages ubuntu usually provides. My main motivation for switching my primary OS to linux was to ease the usage of my linux servers, and also to have a nicer development environment for android projects I was working on. I am very interested in the ports architectures, PPC and arm especially.

My main interest involves working with the X stack in ubuntu to help keep things up to date, and I have been working with the ubuntu-x team in that regard since March 2009. I am one of the maintainers of the xorg-edgers PPA where we provide an updated X stack that enables people to easily test updated components. That in turn helps developers track down bugs easier and enables users to leverage new X technologies such as KMS before they are available in the main distribution.

I work for Canonical USA, Inc as a software developer on the hardware enablement team where I'm focused on video driver problems on preproduction systems to ensure they work properly in the latest release by the time the systems come out which is usually badly aligned with the 6 month release cycle where only 3-4 months are open to new plumbing updates such as video drivers.

Contributions Summary

  • Co-administrator/maintainer of the xorg-edgers team on launchpad.

  • Member of the pkg-xorg team in Debian.
  • Packaging of X components for Ubuntu and Debian.
  • Xorg development.
  • Wrote the ppa-purge script ppa-purge

  • Bug Fixes, SRU's.

Contributions in the Ubuntu archives


Plans and ideas for the near future

  • Helping introduce new technologies such as ATI KMS into Karmic.
  • Ensuring a quality out of the box X experience with ubuntu. Some things such as the display device detection routines in xserver need work.
  • Helping with the transition during new xserver releases. PPA

Plans and ideas for the distant future


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