Kubuntu 13.10 Beta 2

Kubuntu 13.10 Beta is available for testing. Try it out now if you want to help debug before our release in October 2013.

Upgrading from Previous Versions

Download a Disk Image

Instructions to upgrade from 13.04 To upgrade to Kubuntu 13.10 from previous releases, run kubuntu-devel-release-upgrade from a command line.

Download a Bootable images and put it onto a DVD or USB. Burning ISO Guide.

Beta 2 Highlights

KDE Plasma and Applications 4.11


The released upgrade to KDE SC 4.11 is featured in Kubuntu 13.10, and adds Faster Nepomuk indexing, Kontact improvements such as a new theme editor for e-mails, and prepares the ground for future developments using Wayland and Qt 5.

Muon Discover


A friendly way to discover and install applications.

User Manager


A simpler way to manage your system users. For advanced management of groups or LDAP users install kuser.

Wireless Setup in Installer


You can now setup Wifi networking from the installer making it easier to install updates and extra packages during the install. Note this currently causes a crash in installer only mode. To try the feature use it under a running Plasma Desktop for now. See (1220193)

KDE Telepathy with Better Text Editing and Improved Notifications


Chat application KDE Telepathy 0.6.2 adds several improved features.

New Network Manager applet


The new Network Manager applet gives a simpler UI for connecting to a range of network types.

Documentation is Back


Kubuntu Documentation is back, available through the Help menu and at docs.kubuntu.org.

About System


For a summary of the OS you have installed use the new About System page in System Settings.

Known Problems

  • Black screen after upgrade if color correction was enabled (KDE 321217)

  • kwallet requires first use setup (1204585)

  • crash on upgrade from networkmanagement to plasma-nm (1231360)

  • pinentry-qt4 crashed (927167)

Additional issues being tracked can be found at Kubuntu 13.10 Milestoned bugs

Issues in the installer, graphics and kernel are listed on Common Infrastructure issues


Development of Kubuntu 13.10, the Saucy Salamander is ongoing and bugs are fixed every day. Before reporting bugs, please ensure your system is up to date. For verifying installation related bugs, updated disk images are available from Daily bootable images for standard PCs/laptops/netbooks.

You can give us feedback on the Kubuntu Google+ page.

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