Video Overview

Most user-friendly desktop operating systems allow you to set-up Internet sharing from a USB modem to an internal network. Ubuntu (Gnome) currently lacks this feature, so this video will guide the user to configure Firestarter instead. Could involve wireless too, as a bonus.

Target Audience

  • Desktop users migrating from Windows who are already quite competent with networking, but just lack experience.
  • Desktop users that are experienced in computing, but have little networking knowledge.


  • Non yet, but an introduction to networking guide would be useful.

Required Knowledge

  • How to set-up an Internet connection (Cable or ADSL modem/router)
  • How to install packages from the universe repository.
  • Understand basic networking concepts such as what network interfaces and modems are and how to link Ethernet cables together.

Recommended Knowledge

  • Difference between hubs, switches and routers.
  • Network troubleshooting tools e.g. ping
  • Understand manual IP address assignment and subnetting.
  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), Domain Name System (DNS) and Network Address Translation (NAT)


  • Check Internet configuration - must already be present and working.
  • Configure internal network settings.
  • Install and set-up Firestarter.


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