Video Overview

This video shows different programs to use with voip, how to get, install and start them. It must have too how to obtain an account and configure them basically, explaining the "hard" parts of that proccess (thinking of Ekiga's STUN).

Target Audience

  • Users


Are there any other tutorial videos that people might benefit from having already seen?

Required Knowledge

Browse the Internet (download files). Install them (double click). Find and use the icons that represent the applications minimized.

Recommended Knowledge

Create accounts via web pages (filling basic forms and manage emails with passwords and confirming the sign-in)


  • Install and configure a telephony program.
  • Use it for voice calls.
  • Use it for add a webcam and chat with multimedia.

Draft Step-by-Step Plan

  1. Install the program.
  2. Follow the configuration steps knowing "what you are doing".
  3. Create an account at, Openwengo, a Jabber site (including Google) and Skype for example.
  4. Start the program normally, taking care of the top-right icon.
  5. Call another people (contacts).

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