Video Overview

This video shows how photos taken on a digital camera can be copied to the computers hard disk and then shows a couple of applications that can be used to manage the pictures.

Target Audience

  • Users


Are there any other tutorial videos that people might benefit from having already seen?

Required Knowledge

Specific things they really should already know.

Recommended Knowledge

Other stuff that might be useful for them to know but isn't essential.


  • Get photos off a camera or memory card
  • Determine where the photos are stored
  • Manage the photos

Draft Step-by-Step Plan

  1. Connect digital camera
  2. Click import
  3. Point out that we want to import the photos with f-spot and not gThumb
  4. Change the defaults so that photos are imported with f-spot
  5. Re-connect camera
  6. Import
  7. Show them that their photos are imported
  8. Create a new tag
  9. Tag some photos
  10. Remove a tag
  11. Demonstrate finding images by their tags
  12. Demonstrate the timeline at the top
  13. Close f-spot
  14. Show them that their photos are in ~/Photos
  15. Conclude

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