Video Overview

An overview of Synaptic's features in regards to software installation, removal, version locking, editing, adding, and removing repositories as well as a general overview of the synaptic interface.

  1. Overview of the interface
  2. Adding/Removing/Editing repositories
  3. Searching for software
  4. Installing software
  5. Removing software (both types - removal and complete removal meaning)
  6. Locking versions

Each of these points could be a separate screencast, however they all stride towards the goal of using synaptic package manager.

Target Audience

  • Systems administrators or users interested in installing new software


  • A connection to the internet


  • Access to Ubuntu CDs


  • Access to a networked private repository

Required Knowledge

  • Basic operation of GUI based applications

Recommended Knowledge

  • Knowledge of what repositories are (although a quick overview will be covered while managing repositories is presented)


After watching this video, you will be able to:

  • Confidently navigate Synaptic's interface
  • Manage repositories
  • Search for software packages
  • Install packaged software
  • Remove packaged software and know the difference between removal and complete removal
  • Lock down a particular version of an application

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