MootBot Testing Script

This script was designed to test all commands and various methods of using them, it covers some very basic error handling and can be pasted directly into a IRC chat to let the bot work it's way through it.

[TOPIC] No Topics!
[IDEA] No Ideas outside of meeting
[ACTION] No actions outside of meeting
[LINK] No link outside of meeting
[AGREED] No Agreed outside of meeting
[VOTE] No Votes!
[TOPIC] Inital Testing
[IDEA] Check that its working
[ACTION] Run the test script
[LINK] http://www.google.com/
[LINK] wiki:ScribesTeam
blah blah blah http://www.google.com/
[AGREED] Testing!
[VOTE] Does voting work?
[TOPIC] Should end vote and change
[VOTE] Can we restart?
[TOPIC] Change topic after voting
[VOTE] Test Endmeeting

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