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Hometown: Ramona, CA (part of San Diego County) 92065


Realtor & Lender - San Diego County

Ubuntu user since Breezy Badger 5.04

I started using Ubuntu after several mentions by Leo Laporte on am640 out of LA. As a window guru to most of my friends and many of my RE clients, I've been able to convert one person so far to Ubuntu. For me, diving into Ubuntu was like learning DOS in the "old" days (circa 1983). It presented a challenge, a steep learning curve and infinite enjoyment at being able to do what I want on the computer. I'm not a programmer and have yet to create any bash scripts. However, Ubuntu and open-source has made me aware of a whole new world.

Member of: California Ubuntu Loco

Helped design the Calif. Ubuntu Loco Logo.

Favorite Programs

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