Vital Stats

Name: Sean D. Quinn

Age: 12.805479452

Location: Lake Mary (20 min. from Orlando), Florida, USA

Occupation: 8th Grade Student

Contact Information

AOL Instant Messenger: Quinnie Da Pooh 921

Yahoo! Messenger: seandq32

MSN Messenger :

Internet Relay Chat: Nickname "squinn" on (find me on #ubuntu, #ubuntu-doc, #ubuntu-love, #ubuntuforums)

EMail Address: Please use for all emails. The Hotmail account is only used for MSN messenger, but please send ALL MAIL to Thanks.

Work in Ubuntu Community

Linux Experience: I've been using GNU/Linux from Mandrake 10 to Gentoo to Ubuntu Hoary for about .5 of a year.

Teams: I am on the [DocumentationTeam]. I became a full member when I was nominated and seconded for svn repository commit access on June 20, 2005. In English, this means that I can commit changes to documentation without having to go through a superior on the mailing list.

Current DocTeam Projects: I am the lead on the 'About Ubuntu' project and co-lead on the Ubuntu 'User Guide' for the Breezy Badger release.

Ubuntite: On June 20, 2005, I signed [paper/pen] the Ubuntu Code of Conduct and was self-appointed to be an Ubuntite.

Support: I have helped users with contributions in the Ubuntu forums, on the ubuntu-users mailing list, and on #ubuntu.

Bugzilla Work

Confirmed Bugs: I have confirmed the following bugs:

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