Sean Feole

Contact Info

About Me

  • Work as a QA Engineer at Canonical
  • Active Participant on Ubuntu forums and Google Groups
  • Ubuntu User since Drapper Drake 6.06

Summary of Contributions to Ubuntu

  • My first year at Canonical I was responsible for Quality Assurance of the Vodafone Project, which now sells in South Africa

  • Assisted in Q/A effort on many Mainstream Laptops that ship with Ubuntu today.
  • Active contributer on Ubuntu related forums and recent AskUbuntu member

  • Proposed a Patch for Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal, Make xchat-indicator an "Enhance:" against the xchat package (Bug # 1049194)

  • Contributed new test cases to Checkbox

Full Contributions

Future Plans

  • Continue to contribute when possible to Ubuntu.


  • TBA

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