Sebastian Ivan

  • Hello Smile :) I am Romanian, working in Asia Pacific for Alcatel. I am using Linux since '95 and Unix all day long at the office.
    You can find me (or not) in Shanghai, Seoul, Bangkok, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur and always on #ubuntu-ro (, authenticated as nmsa.
    You can see my Ubuntu in action here:

Ubuntu Romanian Team


  • Continous attention for forum @ for Romanian Comunity.
  • Sony Ericsson 910i Mobile Phone / PDA Device description for future integration on PDADeviceList

  • Python programming language

Laptop/Desktop testing - not yet part of a team

  • I own 3 pieces laptops: Dell, Compaq and a old version Dell + 3 desktop computers from PentiumIII to AMD64, all installed with Ubuntu Hoary and Breezy.


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