Security team development (ie specification work) is done as time allows. This page does not include security updates, audits, investigations, etc. This page only includes information on proactive development work as it pertains to the Ubuntu Release schedule. Blueprints that the security team is committed to completing in a development cycle have an 'Essential' priority.



All blueprints involving the security team:

BurnDown (for all blueprints)

Weekly summary

(Updated manually once Beta hits, currently not being updated for Maverick)

We fixed 1 RC bug, got 0 new ones.

Milestoned Bugs

Fixed last week:

  • LP: #648900 (mailto from evince broken for thunderbird)

Triaged problems:

  • None

Bugs which need better understanding/debugging:

  • None

Planned changes for Beta

  • None

Planned changes for RC

  • None

Deferred for SRU

  • LP: #626984 (apparmor_parser crashed with SIGSEGV in libc_start_main())

  • LP: #640993 (USB hot attach does not work (hostdev functionality only partially implemented)

  • LP: #652211 (subdomain regression testsuite failures on amd64)

Other Maverick-targeted bugs

  • None


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