Dumping ground for UDS Lucid ideas



  • apparmor abstractions cleanup
  • apparmor usability
  • sort out apparmor upstream vs apparmor in ubuntu (is this still needed?)
  • ufw
    • usability improvements:
      • delete by number
      • reset
      • limit command options
      • show listening
      • rsyslog
      • more reporting
    • more work on ufw/upstart/boot integration
    • what does server team need/want (eg, ebtables?)
    • requested features (eg ufw-simple-gui, nat/rdr, etc)
  • libvirt/apparmor features, polishing and maintenance
    • bug fixing
    • add backing store support
    • make sure it works with newer releases
    • support features newly supported by the selinux driver
    • continue to develop test cases (eg pool-* and vol-* commands)
    • run qemu:///system VMs as non-root
  • we should generalize and improve the apparmor apport hook
  • update firefox profile to work better in KDE (and XFCE)
  • implement a way to automatically, but temporarily, subscribe ubuntu-security to package bugs for security uploads


  • Smartcard/USB token authentication
  • Certificate on USB disk authentication


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