Self Exile (code name of Sohail Abid)

Email: <self.exile AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>


I'm Sohail working as team lead in a software house. I work from my home in Islamabad while the office is somewhere in Lahore. All day n night, I am in my room: doing office work, reading book, writing creative stuff. Get enough pay. Partial goes to household and partial to books, don't know what to do with the rest.

I am author of a novel, a travelogue, and two collections of poems. But don't be impressed, all 4 books are very small (40 page each) and very normal. Anyone can write like that. And its all past. I cannot write poems or novel now. these days I am writing short stories about real-world love.

My Web Sites

When free, I develop websites for making others lives easy. Listen or Download Punjabi Folk/Sufi Songs Collection of World's Best Books for Online Reading A Complete Index of Online Urdu Books This is my personal website


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