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Jean-Pierre Poutcheu

Email: <jean.poutcheu AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>,


Presentation of SenegalTeam

SenegalTeam is a group ubuntu user's in Senegal. Our plan is to create a big community of ubuntu users in Senegal. SenegalTeam is hosted today by some students of Polytechnic School in University of Cheickh Anta Diop Dakar via the "Club Synapse". Any person intrested by ubuntu can join SenegalTeam. We plan to organise some install party, presentation of softwares, Open Source meeting in Senegal.

Others Members:

El Mehdi LahLou , Drissa Traore, Mouhamed Abdoulaye Niane, Mody Ka, Sakiti Lionel, ODOGO Noa Alain ,

So get Involved !! you are already in SenegalTeam.

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join the irc : #ubuntu-sn


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