About Me

I use Linux since 2000, i start with Debian, Suse and now Ubuntu. I'm the founder, one of the contact point and one of the core members of the Cameroonian Local Community. Our main goal is to promote Ubuntu in Cameroon.

Contact details



  • Administrator and owner of Ubuntu-cm board team in Launchpad. This team is reserved to the members of the elected Loco Team Board.

  • Administrator ubuntu-cm-users team in Launchpad. This team is open for all cameroonians ubuntu users.

  • Administrator ubuntu-cm-members team in Launchpad. This team is closed for all cameroonians ubuntu users working on LoCoTeam projects.

  • I actively participating to mounting the Ubuntu Cameroonian local community as association in Cameroon.
  • I wrote and participated on writing, translations of many wiki pages included under


Future involvement

  • Contribute to validate the Cameroonian Loco Road Map.

  • Mounting a legal entity (association) in Cameroon.


If you know me and have something nice to say, please leave a comment here.


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