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Stronger cooperation with other free software teams in our country

Although we are already collaborating with local free software communities, such as:

we plan to expand further that collaboration and spread the free software love.

New hosting server

Due to limitation of our current server, which is unable to cope with growth of our community, Ubuntu LoCo Serbia has taken steps towards switching to a new hosting server. Transition will take place in course of the next few days, and new design has been created for Main page, Forum and Wiki according to new Ubuntu branding. Samples are here, here and here

Expanding the core administration team

Our community has grown exponentially in the past five years, and we are constantly looking for new forum, site, and wiki admins to compensate for the growth.

Blog Community

In cooperation with local blog community, we have started Planet Ubuntu Serbia web portal, that releases blogs on Ubuntu and FLOSS related topics.

Release parties

Ubuntu and Free Software are fun, so we plan to make release parties in future as tradition and make them around the Serbia. The 10.10 release party is the part of that plan.

Promo material

T-shirts, caps, teacups, pens... With Ubuntu and Ubuntu-RS motives of course

Education support

  • Several team members expressed interest in supporting schools in two Belgrade Municipalities (Vracar and Rakovica) where elementary schools students use Edubuntu based programs. We plan to set up the infrastructure to help them coordinate and improve skills, both of teachers and students. We have the opportunity to participate in program as a official software support.


  • Rakovica municipality – 1104 computers in 14 schools
  • Vracar municipality – 1417 computers in 11 schools
  • Edubuntu 9.04. - 100% localized

We plan to upgrade computers to Edubuntu 10.04 LTS in October; for that purpose, LoCo members are translating additional applications.

press coverage



Due to problems with our postal services and customs, we have organized an action of sharing and distributing Ubuntu CDs across Serbia. Currently we have 37 cities covered, in almost every region of Serbia. ShareIT

Press coverage

Articles written by our members appeared in numerous magazines, including GNUzilla (a magazine about free software, available online), PC Press, Svet Kompjutera (samples: here, here, here, here...)

Anniversary and promotion of new Ubuntu

For the fifth anniversary of the forum, Ubuntu LoCo Serbia organized a presentation on the occasion of release of new Ubuntu OS 10,04

Bojan Bogdanović also appeared in a TV station with national coverage TV B92 (video on youtube: link). He was interviewed about Ubuntu. B92 web site coverage

Organizing lectures, events across Serbia & release parties across Serbia

Until recently, all our events have been held in Belgrade. We have plans to give some presentations & lectures throughout Serbia. During last five years, the following events have been organized:

  • Presentation in Belgrade, Magacin Culture Center, December 15th, 2007, images, press coverage

  • Presentation in Leskovac, Resurs center, February 23rd 2008, images

  • Presentation on Technical Science Faculty in Kragujevac, March 23rd, 2008,
  • Release party in "Mileta Nikolić” Technical High school in Arandjelovac, May 24th , 2008
  • Presentation in Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics in Podgorica/Montenegro, May 24th, 2008, images

  • Release party in Culture Center in Smederevo, May 10th, 2009, images

  • Presentation in City Hall in Pančevo, June 6th, 2009, images, press coverage

  • Participation on E-Fortress ( E-tvrdjava) festival in Niš, September 4th, 2009, images

  • Release party (10.04) in conference hall in Youth Center (DOB) in Belgrade, May 09th 2010 images

  • We held last release party on May 9th, 2010 in Belgrade, where we demonstrated to 100+ people the possibilities of Ubuntu 10.04, as well its various implementation options in business environment.

E-Fortress festival 2009

Some of the members of our team participated in activities during the E-Fortress festival 2009 (info about the festival ) on NGO stage, demonstrated Ubuntu systems on the computers that were used on booth and during workshops, and helped visitors to understand GNU/Linux, Ubuntu and Free Software in general. Links to Serbian Ubuntu LoCo team website appeared on promo material too.

Translating Ubuntu

51 of our members are a part of the Serbian translation team on ubuntu-l10n-sr, and 15 members of upstream translation teams of GNOME, KDE and Mozilla Products.

Serbian team is one of the first that have translated Ubuntu Manual and LoCo directory.


With 4100+ members, 125200+ posts and 10250+ topics, forum is the pinnacle of our LoCo team. The most active sub-forum is "Absolute beginners talk" with 2150+ threads and 23850+ posts. We've been very successful in attracting new users to Linux, and we keep supporting them. We are the largest, most prominent Ubuntu, Linux and FLOSS forum in Serbia.


The core team has established regular on-line meetings on monthly basis, discussing current and future events.

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