- Contact: jeffmitchell (insert at symbol) orcon.net.nz

- Make: Lenovo

- Brand: ThinkPad

- Model: SL500

- Website: http://shopap.lenovo.com/SEUILibrary/controller/e/nzweb/LenovoPortal/en_NZ/catalog.workflow:category.details?current-catalog-id=3634951826AE4D3881BFFF1AC5FCD957&current-category-id=80BE9A6B3B13415994755F2BAA41520B

Current Issues

The screen changes its level of dimness every now and then, this is mildly annoying but only just noticable. The Atheros Wireless card has acceptable reception. This is when using the default drivers - it works well, and has done so for months. Some special laptop hotkeys work. Most things seem fine. The touchpad works, wireless and Bluetooth work. Suspend also works. Definitely recommended for people looking for something cheap-ish, as there aren't really any issues at all.


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