Being the release after a LTS, maverick is a good starting point to offer our users new stacks we have not thought of before. This includes Virus Scanning for File Servers, Calendaring/Email and network monitoring.


Suggesting new stacks offers our users a drop in replacement for common workloads for the local area networks. These include Calendaring, Antivirus, and network monitoring.

Use Cases

  • Gregory is a network administrator who wants to have a calendaring server in order for his boss can share a calendar with him.
  • Pedro would like to pay for a network monitoring system but his boss will only alow him to install a commercially available program so they can get support.
  • Jason is a network administrator who wants to replace their old Microsoft exchange server with a FOSS alternative.


Package Selection

  • The packages that were selected are the following:
    • Vscan - A virus scanning module for Samba.
    • SOGO - A FOSS calendaring solution for Linux.
    • ZenOSS - A FOSS network monitoring solution.
    • Liferay - An enterprise open source portal and collaboration software.
    • Spice - Allows users to connect to virtual desktops.


  • vscan is an external samba module that is not supported by the samba developers and needs to be
    • forward ported.
  • SOGO's debian packaging is complete, however it needs to be reviewed
  • ZenoSS is not packaged and it will have to be done.
  • Liferay is not packaged and it will have to be done.
  • spice will be handled by the Ubuntu Server Community.

BoF agenda and discussion

Canonical needs to weigh maintenance costs vs. benefits to deviate from upstream:
 * Samba vscan (zul)

Upstream needs to be guided to the REVU/upload process:
 * sogo (zul) -> universe
 * zarafa (zul) -> universe - this is packaged in partner, but deps will prevent universe - JP

Upstream needs to be engaged for a potential packaging partnership:
 * Zenoss - JPugh works directly with them - potentially a very difficult packaging process
 * Liferay - JPugh works directly with them - this has deps on Sun Java

Will be handled as part of the Ubuntu Server community blueprints:
 * Spice (revolutionlinux)

 * JBoss5


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