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qemu-kvm has a great many set of options and tunables. The goal of this spec is to provide guidance to our users for how to best achieve their goals. For instance, for quick kernel testing, they will want to use the fastest non-caching backing store they can, while for a public server they may want to (as much as possible) guarantee fs consistency in the case of hardware failure.

Release Note

(The release note will be the output of this blueprint)

It is mandatory.


If users do not have the guidance for how to best use Ubuntu as a cloud host, then Ubuntu will not be the best cloud host.

User stories

Joe wants to quickly test a distro install under kvm. He wants to install to go as fast as possible, and doesn't care that, should the host die, he'll have to start over, since he will delete the image as soon as the install is done.

Jane is a system administrator at foocorp, and is using kvm to provide remote desktops to employees. She wants good performance, the ability to create snapshots as backups, but most of all cannot afford a power outage to corrupt backing stores for the remote desktops.




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