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This is a how-to targeted to small businesses to set up an Ubuntu server.


Ubuntu servers should have strong appeal to small businesses due to the lower cost and easier support. However many of these businesses do not have in-house IT administrators and need step by step instructions to assist them in setting up their Ubuntu servers.

Use cases

walk-thru, screenshots


There are several components that make up a "server". These components include the web page server, database, web programming languages, and email server.

'Web Page Server' The web page server is software that manages and sends the html pages that are displayed in the browser. Typical open source web page servers include Apache (the most widely used web server) and Lighttpd (a smaller, faster web server).

'Database Server' The database server is typically a "SQL" database that stores the data, provides password protection, and efficiently retrieves data. Typical open source web databases include MySql, Postresql, and SqLite.

'Programming Languages' There are sever open source programming languages specially targeted towards web applications. If you want to have any in-house web programs, you will need the respective language installed. Typical languages Note, you can have these components spread across several server machines. For example you might have your web pages and email hosted off-site by a commercial "hosting" company while your database resides on another. A complete server is commonly called "LAMP" which stands for Linux(operating system), Apache(web server), Mysql(database), and Php(language).

Installing From The Ubuntu CD

  • Apache2, Lighttpd
    • installation


virtual Server Postgres, SQLite

  • installation
    • Developer Server
      • virtual Server x86
    Connection to Apache2, Lighttpd

PHP, Ruby

  • connection to apache2, lighttpd connection to postgres, sqlite





Data preservation and migration

Unresolved issues

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