The Ubuntu Cloud Tools Archive

The Ubuntu Cloud Tools archive was created specificaly to provide "The best Juju and MAAS" on the latest Ubuntu LTS release. This provides an easy and supported way to get the latest Juju or MAAS on 12.04.

[Note: This page covers the Ubuntu Cloud Tools archive, not Ubuntu Cloud Archive supporting OpenStack]

The Cloud Tools Archive will be updated each 6 months with new packages from the latest Ubuntu stable release. For example, after Ubuntu 13.10 was released, the packages provided there were the same versions available in Ubuntu 13.10. After 14.04 releases, these packages will be upgraded to 14.04 versions.

How to Enable and Use

The Cloud Tools archive is only supported on Ubuntu 12.04.

Add the repository to your apt sources by doing the following:---

sudo add-apt-repository cloud-archive:tools
sudo apt-get update

Then, apt-get install the packages you need.

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