Reference Plugin

The Jenkins bazaar plugin was the first plugin packages and is hence the one and only reference at this point in time:

   bzr branch lp:~hudson-ubuntu/+junk/jenkins-bazaar-plugin

Patching the pom.xml

Needs extra build elements and more dependencies - see jenkins-bazaar-plugin - build.patch for an example of what needs to be done.


Well Jenkins does provide a parent pom file for plugin development - libjenkins-plugin-parent-java. However maven-repo-helper strips out the version numbers from the maven plugins specified in the <build> element of the parent plugin; maven DOES NOT LIKE THIS and dies when operating offline. However, versionless plugins in the direct, local pom.xml file appear to be OK.

This is really ugly but until a toolchain update can be worked out it has to be this way.



Should contain the java artifacts produced during the build process - not sure whether this is useful but probably so.

Does not install to /usr/share/java as not useful (use DEB_MAVEN_INSTALL_TO_USJ := false in debian/rules).


Contains the hpi file associated with the plugin. The jenkins upstart script copes with installing new plugins when Jenkins is restarted - just ensure its dropped into /usr/share/jenkins/plugins.

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