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Bring up a Ubuntu minimal system via a network installation.

Existing solutions:

  • cobbler
  • fai
  • system imager
  • lp:uec-provisioning




Test/Demo Plan

Unresolved issues

BoF agenda and discussion

UDS Natty discussion

Installation service projects: cobbler, fai, systemimager, openqrm, theforeman, ubuntu-server-iso-testing.

kirkland: See the code at lp:uec-provisioning. We did quite a bit of work in the Maverick cycle to integrate the code we started in Lucid. It's might be a pretty good starting point for this work.

Design principle:
 * bring up a Ubuntu minimal system via a network installation.
 * options to use existing network services.
 * integration with cloud-init (use it to start further configuration management tool or whatever)
Existing projects:
 * cobbler: similar projects.
 * fai, systemimager, openqrm, theforeman, 
 * lp:ubuntu-server-iso-testing:  
 * lp:uec-provisioning: multiple components: apt-cache / apt-proxy / apt-cacher-ng / apt-mirror, dhcp, pxe, power mgmt (wlan), web frontend (choose a physical system and assign a profile to it).
   * uec-provisioning-server (recommends)
     * uec-provisioning-common - common files
     * uec-provisioning-dhcpd - dhcpd server and configuration - this assumes there is no other dhcp server on the subnet.
        dnsmasq can provide dhcp, dns and tftp services.
     * uec-provisioning-mirror - local deb mirror (approx)
     * uec-provisioning-tftpd - tftp/pxe server
     * uec-provisioning-webui - web user interface and preseed configuration
         (preseed to be made modular)

database freedom is welcome to support cmdbs
audio stream lost
PDU management through NUTS?


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