Release Note

Ubuntu Natty now supports openvswitch to provide a production quality. multilayer, virtual switch.


Openvswitch will eventually be needed for upstream projects such as openstack.

User stories

* Bob is a system administrator who wants to test openstack and needs to use openvswitch to use route to his guests that he wants to run. * Rutager is a network administrator who wants to use a pure software implementation of a hardware speech.


This specification already assumes that openvswitch has been packaged in Debian.


You can have subsections that better describe specific parts of the issue.


The openswitch package in debian does not use DKMS the prefred package management system for installing kernel modules. It would be nice to add checkbox support so we can integrate it into our test system.

BoF agenda and discussion

Current network topologies in the cloud bring a set of limitations which are
 bothering for the people implementing them:
 * VLAN Tagging to separate multiple tenants have a 4096 limit that can be
 easily reached at ISPs
 Address space can be extended, but it's a hack.
 OpenStack is looking to integrate openvswitch.  Openvswitch will also be in Xen.It isn't packaged in Ubuntu yet."It is the default switch in the Xen Cloud Platform and also supports Xen, XenServer, KVM, and VirtualBox."
 Tinc  ( and n2n (  The latter gives you a mesh structure, each node of which knows about a super-server, which acts as a broker.  Tinc uses a discovery mechanism and dynamic switching.
 * Amazon public address redirection don't allow proper advertisement of 
 * Security tunnels use complicated or less efficients models

New projects, such as openvswitch, could bring additional answers for people 
building virtual infrastructure on top of Ubuntu. 

This session has for goal to define which should be enabled withing our OS to 
lead the way in that space.

 * Get openvswitch packaged (dkms) in universe since Openstack and Eucalyptus might depend on it
 * Consider tinc and n2n


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