This page has for goal to define a server survey that we would ask our community to answer on a regular basis.



In an effort to better understand, support and further the Ubuntu Server Edition we would like to ask you to take this survey which should take between 10 to 20 minutes to complete.

The information provided will help us determine where we can improve support, where to add additional resources and to generate a better understanding of the community which we work within.

Please note that this survey is being conducted by the Ubuntu Server Team in conjunction with the Canonical Server Product Management Team. Information about the Server Team is available at


  • We are using LimeSurvey to perform the survey.

  • Please report bugs on launchpad.

  • Survey configuration and templates is also maintained on launchpad.


The questions have now been put in LimeSurvey. Please find an export of the questions in html format for the 2009 survey:

Questions asked in 2008:

Please write your comments on launchpad or discuss them in the Server ML or on #ubuntu-server.

Change Requests

  • Please report change requests on launchpad. Doing so will make it easier for us to address specific changes or to manage conversations regarding topics better if they are not on the ML or IRC.

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