In order for some 3rd party OS to run properly on top of KVM we need to provide virtio device drivers for disk and network access

Release Note

Ubuntu now provides virtio device driver for Windows versions XXX (network and disk) allowing to obtain near bare metal performances when running Windows on Ubuntu's preferred hypervisor, KVM. For details on how to obtain and deploy these drivers, please refer to xxxxx


Cloud and virtualization users often have to deploy some versions of Windows in their environment. Without virtio device drivers, these guest are horribly slow (10% of bare metal speed), while with virtio drivers, we would expect this to be near bare metal speed.

User stories

  • Cloud Provider X wants to offer windows guest support to his customers on Ubuntu Cloud Infrastructure
  • Company Y wants to virtualize their existing server workloads, but they still have some legacy servers running windows.


  • Signed and Windows certified drivers cannot be provided due to Microsoft's certification contract
  • Should be provided within packages to be deployed on hosts
  • Package should make it easy to mount the driver's directory as a read only disk in KVM


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