I hope to start building how-tos on this page but right now I'm justing using it as a scratch pad for gathering information so please do not use this information yet as it is very raw! Please feel free to email me if you need help in setting up TeamSpeak and I will gladly assist.

***Start of How-to*** Getting TeamSpeak to work with Ubuntu with a sound card not containing a hardware mixer (Soundblaster PCI128):

1.) Intro: Teamspeak does not support ALSA and will block the sound device when it is running not allowing any other application (or game) to access the sound device. This how-to discribes how to get around this problem and allow other programs to access the same soundcard as TeamSpeak.

to be continued.....

***Scatch pad*** x.) UDEV Rules: # sound devices KERNEL="dsp", NAME="dsp0" KERNEL="adsp", NAME="%k", SYMLINK="dsp"


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