Shtoom is a VoIP client and toolkit, implemented in Python.

This session will start with a talk introducing shtoom (and voip), as well as showing that Python's supposed speed problems are in fact a myth.

Slides from the BOF are available

There's also a paper, with more detail than you could possibly imagine...

The desperately out-of-date website is - right now, the best place to get the code is svn:// - there's a shtoom directory with the code, codecs contains (optional) audio codecs (including GSM and speex) and the like.

The branch with better STUN support is done, but the conference firewall is the worst sort in the world - still hooking bits together.

Packaging Shtoom

   Depends on ALSA, Gnome-Python
   Additional Packages (all in shtoom svn, see above):
        PyALSAAudio (should be packaged separately as it has a lot of other uses)
        PySpeex (licensing unknown, would be a trivial rewrite in Pyrex)
               Depends on libspeex
               Depends on libgsm (mmm patent clarity)

Update: speex lib is LGPL. PySpeex wrapper by David McNab is GPL.


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