István Nyitrai


A student from Hungary, who likes to contribute translations to Open Source software and also develop them.



  • Package Descriptions for Ubuntu:
    • Launchpad project

    • Contribution in template generating: Before this python script, PO entries in Launchpad contained only one bogus number in the "Located in" field. Now, they contain every packages name where the string actually can be found.
  • Nightmonkey:
    • This software uses the new PO file comments of Package Descriptions for Ubuntu project. It helps translators to get a good statistics of package descriptions in a given language. It can hide or show completed package in the table, so translators can see only the untranslated package descriptions. Naturally, the generated statistics pages can be localized :).
    • Wiki page

    • Development, maintenance
    • Bzr branch

    • Future:
  • Translating:


  • October 22th, 2008: Presentation about GNU gettext at the University of Miskolc.

  • October 27th, 2008: Presentation about development of Ubuntu at the University of Miskolc.


  • Develop Nightmonkey: There are a few more features I want to implement. "Software is never done."
  • Spread Ubuntu at my University.
  • Talk about Ubuntu at small and medium sized meetings.
  • Finish a new web-based tool that can merge the Hungarian translation process of package descriptions of Ubuntu, Debian and openSUSE.


  • mvo: I work with Sianis on the nightmonkey project and he did a very good job with it. Nightmonkey is a great tool to help translators with the translations of the package descriptions.
  • Laszlo Torma (toros): I know Sianis for years. He is a very friendly guy, who's not only a good translator, but also a very patient supporter of newbie Ubuntu users. His new project, Nightmonkey is a great tool, very useful for the whole international Ubuntu Community.
  • Gabor Kelemen: I started the Ubuntu Hungarian Translators group with Sianis about 3 years ago. Despite my expectations, he remained a helpful member of the translation team and recently started to develop useful tools to aid our translation work.

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