I am

Ubuntu & me

I have been involved with the Ubuntu community since 2010, mostly in the Italian LoCo team.

I had the pleasure of attending UDS 12.04 and partecipating to the UDS Online last May. the international community:

  • I'm in the board of the Ubuntu Women Project.
  • for Ubuntu Women once I talked about my job during a Career Day. the Italian LoCo team:

  • I'm among the administrators of the Ubuntu Italian Marketing Team
  • I write on the Italian edition of the Ubuntu Newsletter and take care of its pubblication
  • I'm a member of the Ubuntu Italian Web Team
  • I coordinate the activities of the Italian localization of the Ubuntu Women Team, with various marketing activities. I've presented this initiative on #ubuntu-classroom IRC channel (find more about it here).

  • I've helped with some translations inside the Italian Translations Team

What I do outside Ubuntu

I am currently working as deployment manager in a big software company in South of France. I enjoy open-air life, travelling and taking pictures around the world (some examples here and here). Want to know more about me? Write to me!


  • A big +1 for Silvia, one of the most active members of the Italian LocoTeam. She has proven to be a great addition to our community, and did quite an impressive work within the Ubuntu-it Women Team and the Marketing Team, both of which she co-leads. She definitely deserves the membership for these credits (and for her skills with cupcakes too) -- warp10 2013-06-25 20:29:44

  • Since the beginning Silvia has ben a key contributor in the Italian Community. She works relentlessly and she's an example for the other contributors. She deserve the Ubuntu Membership with no doubt. -- xdatap1 2013-06-26 15:33:01

  • Silvia is a great asset to the Ubuntu-it Women Team, and to the Ubuntu Women one too. She has been a great and relentless contributor to the Italian LoCo team ever since: translations, advocacing, marketing, newsletter... She truly deserve the Ubuntu membership. -- milo 2013-07-01 07:21:26

  • Silvia is a valuable resource in the Italian LoCo: she works hard, always focusing on the most important details. I follow her work with the Italian Marketing Team and the Italian Website Team and I must say that she deserves the Ubuntu Membership. -- deshack 2013-07-04 07:42:07

  • Silvia is one of ubuntu-it most valuable person, she is very active in marketing, web, newsletter, women and something-other teams. Her contribute is precious and the Italian LoCo Team is a nice community (also) because of her. -- dcavedon 2013-07-04 07:44:11

  • I met Silvia in the Italian Website Team when I started my adventure in Ubuntu and she helped me to acclimate in the LoCo Team. Silvia does a lot of work but, above all, she is crucial for the support she gives when you need something. A big +1 for her membership, she totally deserves it! -- rpadovani 2013-07-04 08:51:50

  • Silvia is one of the most valuable Ubuntu contributors. She's always ready to support every initiative with competence and enthusiasm. Moreover, her effort in Ubuntu Women team is really effective. I believe Ubuntu community should be really honoured to have Silvia in! -- flavia.weisghizzi 2013-07-04 14:47:16

  • Silvia is a valuable girl in the Italian LoCo; she is very active in marketing, web, and newsletter, so a big +1 for her membership, she totally deserves it! Smile :) -- palma-salvatore 2013-07-04 17:50:00

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