Simon Ives

Email: <simon AT SPAMFREE simonives DOT info>


I am based in Mount Isa Queensland in Australia's outback.
I have been using Linux since Red Hat 7, spent a brief time using Mandrake, switched back to Red Hat with their Fedora project, and moved over to Debian when my interest switched to servers. With my interest in Debian (particularly their package manager) solidified I dove into Ubuntu in the 6.x release cycle for my client computers...I've never looked back on Ubuntu and now use Ubuntu for all my personal servers too.


Current Projects

I'm the manager of a Registered Training Organisation based in Mount Isa which services about half of Queensland from Birdsville in the South up to Mornington Island in the North. We specialise in delivering Training Services into remote Indigenous communities. I actively advocate the uptake of Ubuntu both within my workplace and through working directly with individuals and organisations in the communities I am privileged to work in.


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