Who am I?

I'm Simon Steinbeiss (surprise surprise!). I studied Philosophy and Religios Studies (not Theology!). The computery-stuff (as I like to call it) has always been a hobby, but I didn't get further than basic PHP, Perl and MySQL skills, that's why I mostly focus on contributing artwork.

My work


  • Started helping out with Xubuntu stuff (creating comprehensive application comparisons etc.) for 9.10
  • Unofficially joined the Xubuntu developers creating artwork (10.04, 10.10, 11.04), main focus on gtk/xfwm-themes and icons
  • Created two gtk-themes for Xubuntu, Bluebird (10.10) and Greybird (11.04)


I've always been passionate about Xfce, so I started trying to contribute upstream, e.g. by starting up initiatives like the Design SIG. I also love gmusicbrowser, where I contribute (plugins, artwork, layouts) from time to time - even more so now that it's the default player in Xubuntu. After the Karmic cycle I joined Shimmer Project, which is my main focus now.

Contact info

Testimonials of others

Simon has been working to improve Xubuntu's theme and other artwork. He has shown understanding and patience when answering user questions, both on mailing lists and IRC in the #xubuntu channel. He shows an outstanding capability to explain at a level the user understands. His continuous efforts to improve the distribution are commendable. His input when discussing any reviews and changes to default applications are very insightful and thoughtful. Simon is an insightful individual with a goal to improve open-source software. -- charlie-tca 2011-07-20 01:37:59

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