Simutrans is a transport simulator games, where the player builds and manages the transport infrastructure of an area.

Installing Simutrans

Since Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex), Simutrans has been in the universe repository with a package name of simutrans. If you need to enable that repository, see AddingRepositoriesHowto . If not, then you can install Simutrans by clicking on this link, or using Synaptic Package Manager.

Installing Pak sets on Ubuntu

A Simutrans Pak set contains image files for all the vehicles, buildings and landscapes in a Simutrans game world. The Ubuntu package comes with the pak64 set (with a tile size of 64 pixels by 64 pixels). It's recommended that those with good graphics cards and/or high resolution screens should use the pak128 set. This will add a lot more detail to the game world and make the game look a lot better. The PAK set can be downloaded from the page on the Simutrans site. Be sure to download the PAK set for the appropriate version of Simutrans. Intrepid has version 100, Jaunty version 101 and Karmic 102. For information about the version of Simutrans in other versions of Ubuntu, see the page on the package search.

Once you've downloaded the PAK file, unzip it using by double clicking on the .zip archive file. This will have a directory called simutrans in. Go into that directory and extract the pak128 directory to the desktop. Now, copy that directory to /usr/share/games/simutrans . There are two ways of doing this: either use Nautilus as root (start it by typing sudo nautilus ~/Desktop ) or by using the command sudo cp -r ./pak128 /usr/share/games/simutrans

Simutrans Website

Simutrans Tutorials

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