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Ubuntu Create Free and Open software that benefits the Linux community
Ubuntu To increase the Linux footprint locally and abroad
Ubuntu Continue to help and support new users
Ubuntu To encourage and facilitate the use of F/OSS in the classroom as well as broader education system
Ubuntu To become part of the MOTU and/or become an Ubuntu Member (Completed in 2011)

Ubuntu Involvement


I enjoy helping people through any means possible, including forums. Within the Ubuntu Forums, I generally find posts and topics that pertain to what I've figured out so that I might help others in a similar situation. This has comprised mostly of laptop and netbook issues. More often than not, I cherry pick from Absolute Beginners Talk and Network & Wireless.

Beginners Team

Ubuntu I help out where I can within the Ubuntu Forum and IRC channels (Ubuntu and Beginners Team)
Ubuntu part of the Beginners Team Development Focus Group
Ubuntu Provide web help, technical writing, and debugging for individuals and projects that are in need
Ubuntu Taken on as Apprentice by Bodsda in 2009
Ubuntu Became a Beginners Team Member in 2010.
Ubuntu Took on saji89 as Apprentice in 2010.
Ubuntu Instructor for PHP in the BT Academy


Ubuntu Advocate the use of Free and Open Source Software where possible
Ubuntu Help friends and family become acquainted with Ubuntu/Debian and encourage their exploration of Open Source software.
Ubuntu Maintain several Ubuntu/Debian machines including laptops, desktops and a server.
Ubuntu Local tech support for a variety of Open source operating systems.


Ubuntu Membership

paultag 2011-05-24 03:10:41:

  • sinacutie is someone that I'm not only proud to call a co-contributor, but a friend as well. sinacutie has been working in the Ubuntu ecosystem regularly and significantly for the last few years. Every time I start a side project, I always seem to find sinacutie's patches in my inbox. It's to the point where I personally trust her with write access to any project I maintain. In short, sinacutie upholds the word "Ubuntu" in both letter and spirit. I'm shocked she did not go for membership earlier, and support her application without reserve. Please look upon her application favorably.

phillw 2011-05-24 11:45:30:

  • sinacutie is an amazing contributer, her willingness to pass on what she has learned and doggedness in determination on the many projects and areas she is involved in proves to me that she oozes the spirit of ubuntu out of her pores. I have no hesitation in recommending her for ubuntu membership and ask that you look upon her application favourably.

zkriesse 2011-05-24 16:44:00:

  • sinacutie is just one of the coolest gals I've met in the "Ubuntu World". She does more work than most and does it consistently. I've seen her start and maintain more projects than most others and she does it with a fun and happy-go-lucky attitude all the time. I consider her a great personal friend and would love to continue working with her in the future. I've had the extreme pleasure of working with her on multiple projects, such as the Beginners Team Doc group, other wiki matters, launchpad bugs etc, and many others. I've had a great time knowing her and can't wait to see what's in store. She's got my full 100% support for any project she attempts and works on AND she's got my full support for her Ubuntu membership. Please look at her application with favor.

mohanchml 2011-05-24 17:44:31:

  • I know sinacutie well from UBT and say that she has contributed very much and has great knowledge in what she helps with. She's very good with what she knows and is not afraid to share it, and I really vouch for her! Please look favorably on her application.

Ubuntu Beginners Team


  • sinacutie is a very committed hard working individual. She is always willing to spend her time to help others. I strongly support her application for Beginners Team membership.

paultag 2010-06-03 19:48:00:

  • Sheesh. The mark of a good writer is "Look, I'm sorry there is 20 pages, I only had a day", not "Look, I'm so happy it's 20 pages". In the case of sinacutie, I don't think we can hit that 20 page deadline. Wherever you are in the community, chances are sinacutie is willing to get involved. A truly self-motivated and driven individual, and decidedly donkey-like in her unrepentant devotion to a project. I know that sinacutie is one of the first people I go to when starting on a new venture, and she is a truly invaluable asset to the Beginners Team. I support her application without reserve, hesitation or condition.

zkriesse 2010-07-05 19:27:00:

  • sinacutie sinacutie sinacutie...what can I say that will do her justice? She's awesome, self-motivated, driven, and just plain cool! her work with the BeginnersTeam has been awesome to say the least and her assistance with the BT Wiki FG has been invaluable. She is always willing to help those whom she can, and she's willing to learn from others and share what she knows as well. She's got my support without hesitation, without reserve, and without question. Please look upon her application favorably.


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