Email: <skip AT skipsjunk DOT net>

Hi, Being a relative noob to Ubuntu (and actually mostly Xubuntu) don't know yet what expertise I can offer but here's a list of things that I've got working with the Gutsy Gibbon / 7.10 release of Xubuntu (x86_64 version in most cases) on at least a couple machines.

  • BOINC - (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) v5.10.8 & upgrade to v5.10.28 (./) boinc_logo.gif

  • x11vnc - relatively unsecured access to remote Xubuntu machines within my LAN w/ resumable sessions from others and from winXP
  • SAMBA - simple, unsecured guest access to shared drive space across LAN with winXP & Ubuntu machines having access to those drives (instead of buying a NAS)



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