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Ubuntu's Official Tagline

Ubuntu is well known for its official tagline "Ubuntu: Linux for human beings" and from time to time replacements have been suggested by users and developers alike. An important reason for changing the slogan is that many people perceive it as not very nice towards users of other distributions, implying that they're 'not human beings', presumably geeks, nerds, etc.

So this page is for all your wonderful, zany, funny, and serious slogan ideas. You never know, they may even end up being used in an official release!


  • Real computers for real people
  • Ubuntu: Friendly computing
  • The community IS the computer [run this by Sun first :-)]
  • Ubuntu: Do what YOU want
  • Ubuntu - Humanity Shared
  • Ubuntu - Together we can
  • Ubuntu: Africans don't know what it means either.
  • Ubuntu: Resistance is futile. Smile :)

  • Ubuntu - Linux for everyone
  • Ubuntu: an ancient African word for I am sick of compiling Gentoo
  • Ubuntu: Technology of Future
  • Ubuntu: Technology of Space Travelers
  • Ubuntu: Linux Now!

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