FC 5

Dan Hough writes:

I did find a remark on one of the lists that samba-3.0.23 was causing some people some problems. The original samba version on the Fedora Core 5 CD is 3.0.21b. So, this time I did not let yum (or your script) update samba. This has solved the immediate problem.

Change the server netbios name

Paul Lemke writes:

I ran into an issue where my server netbios name was too long. Here are the steps it takes to change the netbios name. Samba is just fine if you modify the smb.conf file, but any accounts you have created in LDAP will have the old netbios name in it. Specifically the //olddomain/profiles, and //olddomain/netlogon directories.

Step 1: Stop services

/etc/init.d/smb stop
/etc/init.d/ldap stop

These might be "samba stop" or "slapd stop" depending on your server.

Step 2: Extract and backup your current LDAP database.

slapcat > ~/ldap.ldif
cp ~/ldap.ldif ~/ldap.ldif.bak

Step 3: Replace old netbios name with new netbios name.

sed -i 's/OLDNAME/NEWNAME/g' ~/ldap.ldif

Step 4: Move the current ldap database. Just in case we screw up we can always copy it back.

cd /var/lib/ldap
mkdir backup
mv * backup/

Step 5: Import fixed ldif file.

slapadd < ~/ldap.ldif

Step 6: Start up ldap, samba.

/etc/init.d/smb start
/etc/init.d/ldap start

Step 7: Fix the sasmba local SID issue.

net getlocalsid OLDNAME

Copy the SID that is listed there.

net setlocalsid SID

And you are done.

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