This document describes the policy for updating the snapd-glib package in stable Ubuntu releases.

snapd-glib is a library to help client applications to communicate with snapd. It provides appropriate bindings for applications that use GLib, Qt or GObject bindings. As the snapd project is continuously updated, snapd-glib is also continuously updated to enable new features. snapd-glib is designed to be both API and ABI compatible with older releases so these updates can be rolled out.

SRU Process

  • A new feature is added to snapd and this is updated into Ubuntu (process).

  • Changes are made to snapd-glib with automated unit tests.
  • Changes are tested on landing using a continuous integration system (Travis).
  • A tagged release of snapd-glib is made - this is manually confirmed to be working at release time.
  • The current development Ubuntu release is updated.
  • snapd-glib is updated in the Ubuntu development release.
  • A bug is opened for each release and contains instructions on what to smoke test (i.e. the reverse dependencies of snapd-glib).
  • Bugs are opened for specific features/bugfixes that have been backported to stable Ubuntu releases. These bugs contain testing instructions as per the usual SRU process.

  • Bugs are confirmed as per standard SRU process.

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