Snappy Open Houses

With the snappy team working hard on making new releases, new features are added, bugs are fixed and feedback is needed. The open house is a chance to come and meet the snappy team developers and help QA test the new image. We want to encourage the community to test with us, explore new features, check for possible regressions and exercise the documentation. These events are a great way to get started in the snappy world.


Find us on and on the #snappy IRC channel on freenode.

Inaugural open house, 7 July 2015, 1400 - 1600 UTC.

Event structure

To kick off the event, we'll host a live Q and A on with developers and show off new features in the release. We'll also demonstrate how to flash and test the new release so the community can follow along and help test. Finally we'll answer any questions you have, and stick around on IRC for a bit to discuss any issues found during testing.

You can expect each event to last about 2 hours.

During the event

During the event, we'll be testing an RC image of snappy. We'll be asking for your help to test them image on your device or kvm target. Visit the event page linked above in order to find more specific information for that open house.


Use the tools-proposed PPA.

Follow the guide to flash your intended target. Be sure to flash the proper channel however; we want to test the edge channel, not stable. See the channel guide if you are unsure of what this means.


Next, explore the image and try and break things. New features and things to test will be highlighted during the open house. Use this to focus your testing. You are encourage to keep a commentary of what you do. More information will be provided during the event as to what you should be testing and where to leave feedback.


Finally, report any issues you find. During the open house you can use the IRC channel to ask questions and easily verify issues. You should file bugs for all issues found, and include a summary of what is needed to recreate the issue. File all bugs against snappy.


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