Moderation guidelines

The moderation queue

We default to passive moderation. That means that all reviews are visibile initially but enter the moderation queue (and become invisible) when they get "flaged" by members of the ubuntu community. Once a item is flagged its invisible until someone from the "rnr-moderators" launchpad team looks at it and either deletes it or makes it visible again. Currently a single "flag" is enough, but we will monitor the usage of the "flag" feature and on misuse adjust the value (adjust to higher threshold or nr-flags/time). We also plan to add a spam detection feature that puts suspicious reviews into the moderation queue automatically for review.

What should get removed

See RatingsAndReviewsGuidelines for guidelines about a good review.

We do not want in a review:

  • Offensive language
  • Bugreports
  • Copyright infringement
  • Blunt inaccuracies

If a review contains any of the above they should be marked for permanent removal in the moderation overview. If a review is actually ok but is still pushed in the moderation queue it can be made visible again by the moderator.

Who moderates

Anyone in the "rnr-moderators" launchpad team can moderate. We welcome people who are interessted in joining.

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