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In the beginning sources.list was a good idea. Right now, it is a point of pain for end users and maintainers. This spec will propose a flexible and versatile replacement, addressing many needs that I have seen as a person who gives support to users, as a third party source for Ubuntu packages and as someone who sees the bugs in apt and pain for mirror admins that this can resolve.


Editing sources.list is cumbersome and error-prone. sources.list.d already makes this a bit easier, but still fails to recognize that a software channel is so much more than a sources.list entry.

  • A software channel contains packages, maybe it has mirrors and there are many types of software channels.
  • A software channel can be PGP signed
  • A software channel contains software that should be easy to install via gnome-app-install
  • Third party channels should be easy to create
  • Distribution upgrades should be as easy as upgrading a channel entry via apt
  • Sources.list can be commented, but comments aren't easily translatable

Use cases

  • Steven is an Ubuntu user. He wants an easy way to add new software sources without editing configuration files
  • Mark is an entrepreneur offering closed-source packages for Ubuntu. He wants to make it easy for users to install them
  • Simon is a QA person. He wants to make sure that users are warned when using unofficial packages
  • Colin is a distribution maintainer. He wants to make it easy to enable only a few components of his distribution by default but make it just as easy for end users to add other components
  • Karl is a mirror admin, he wants to make sure users can use close mirrors of the things that are mirrored by his mirror network


A 'software channel' should be easy to enable, also for third parties. Therefor it must be a single file, on which a user can double-click to install it. Fortunately we already have such files: .deb packages. A software channel can simply be a .deb package. No new software needs to be written for them: gdebi is already there for third party channels and Ubuntu channels can be easily upgraded.

Contents of the package

First and foremost, a channel contains software sources. While we're redesigning this: let's make them much more flexible as well.

This example shows it all:

  • Support multiple channels in one file
  • Mirrors integrated in the sources, both general and per-country mirrors
  • Easy to mark disabled
  • Unlike sources.list, these files are not to be edited. Making upgrades much easier.

name=Ubuntu supported packages
name[nl]=Door Ubuntu ondersteunde pakketten
components=main restricted


you get the idea

name=Ubuntu security updates

The default ubuntu install should install 7 channels: main+restricted (normal, updates, security), universe+multiverse (normal, updates, security) and dapper-commercial (not neccessarily in .channel files, apt-setup also needs to be modified). Only the normal and security channels for main+restricted should be enabled by default.

The .desktop files for gnome-app-install / adept-installer can also be integrated here. This way they can be disabled when the channel is disabled. Making the clumsy "show unsupported/commercial" entry obsolete. It also makes it easy for third parties to add files to gnome-app-install.

Adding keys this way is also easy. A graphical apt-key utility should be written. The postinst of the channel package can simply use this to install the key. The apt-key program and/or apt should be modified to emit warnings for third party channels.

Example postinst:

case "$1" in
        if "$DISPLAY")
             gdebi --add-key /var/lib/channels/1265DEA2
             apt-key add /var/lib/channels/1265DEA2



None yet

Data preservation and migration

Non-ubuntu entries in Sources.list should be converted upon upgrade. Ubuntu entries can be dropped.

Unresolved issues

BoF agenda and discussion

  • A suggestion, in the channel file above, it lists a "components=main restricted" line. I think this line should be expanded with all the possible components in the repository ("components=main restricted universe multiverse"), with another line added "enabled=main restricted". In this manner, only one section is needed per repository, and another whole channel file does not need to be added to change which components are enabled. -Matt Kuiken, 07 Jan, 2007


  • Software channels also have relationships to other software channels - should this be captured somehow?


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