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Software Freedom Day 2009

We Need you! Please add you name to this list (if you need help editing on the wiki contact dthomasdigital) if you are going to be volunteering for Software Freedom day 2009! We need this list for a few reasons, this year we are having it at Rio Rancho, New Mexico Main Library we are planning on making badges so people know who we are, so we will need a count of who is coming.

New Mexico Artwork

Software Freedom Day Flyer SVG source

Software Freedom Day Flyer printable png file

Software Freedom Day tri-fold brochure printable pdf file

Please only add yourself to the list if you know you are coming.

Volunteer sign up List

  • Ubuntu dthomasdigital

    Ubuntu doomcat

    Ubuntu jimrz

    Ubuntu Kenneth E

    Ubuntu nick125

    Ubuntu jay4rest

List of this years swag

  • Ubnutu 9.04 LiveCD's 32bit
  • Ubuntu 9.04 Server CD's 32bit
  • Kubuntu 9.04 LiveCD's 32bit
  • Fedora 12 LiveCD's 32bit and 64bit
  • Fedora 12 DVD's 32bit and 64bit
  • Ubuntu Case badges
  • Fedora Case badges (limited supply)
  • Ubuntu Stickers
  • Software Freedom Day stickers
  • Open CD (windows open source software)

We are working on other items as well.

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