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The promotion of the Package forum on the Ubuntu Forums with share support of this forum between MOTU and forum staff.

Release Note


  • Packaging section is way more used than the mailing list

Use Cases

Forum user notatroll wants to learn to how to package softwareX.


  • Any change in the forum structure needs to approved by the Forums Council.



  • Possiblity of some approved MOTUs to moderate the packaging forum.
  • Scott Ritchie (YokoZar) has volunteered to moderate the forum

  • Provide a link to the forum in the MOTU IRC subject topic

UI Changes

Code Changes


Test/Demo Plan

Outstanding Issues

BoF agenda and discussion

Meetings notes

  1. (hidden section right now)

    • use stickies on the wiki, mentioning:
      • FAQ
      • PackagingGuide

      • Ubuntu Development
      • Contributing patches
      • how to become a MOTU
      • mentors mailing list
      • announcement of Q&A sessions

  2. proposal: make it part of the mentoring process to let motu hopefuls answer motu posts
  3. gateway: send stuff to motu mentors (currently ~90 messages per week)


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